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Led by Senior Attorneys Dr. Nick Oberheiden and James Bell, Oberheiden Law has a Network of Personal Injury Lawyers Who Represent Clients Nationwide

What do you need to know if you have suffered serious injuries in an accident? What do you need to do if a family member has died as a result of someone else’s negligence? How can you protect your legal rights, and how can you make sure you and your family receive the full compensation you deserve?

At Oberheiden Law, we take the stress and uncertainty out of dealing with your claim. Our lawyers are experienced in helping accident victims and families recover, and we have collected more than $6 billion for our clients’ losses. We treat our clients with empathy and respect, and we fight relentlessly to make sure our clients have the financial resources they need to move forward.

Who We Are

Oberheiden Law is a mesothelioma law firm headquartered in Dallas, Texas that represents clients on a nationwide scale. Our firm is led by senior attorneys Dr. Nick Oberheiden and James Bell, both of whom have extensive experience in high-stakes settlement negotiations and litigation. Dr. Oberheiden and Mr. Bell are each licensed to practice in multiple jurisdictions across the country, and we affiliate with local counsel as necessary to represent individuals and families in all 50 states.

About Dr. Nick Oberheiden

Dr. Nick Oberheiden is an accomplished litigator who has earned a national reputation for providing his clients with effective advocacy underscored by strategic and detail-oriented representation. He has represented clients in almost every state, and he has been featured by media outlets across the nation and around the world. With experience on both sides of complex cases, and with hundreds of cases successfully resolved, Dr. Oberheiden is a trusted advocate for individuals and families who need help recovering their losses after serious and fatal accidents, instances of medical malpractice, contracting mesothelioma, and other tragic events.

Meet Dr. Oberheiden, Founding Attorney.

About James Bell

James Bell is widely regarded as one of the most-accomplished lawyers of his generation. He is well-known for securing substantial settlements and verdicts for his clients, and in 2017 he secured the largest verdict in the nation. A skilled litigator, Mr. Bell has a substantial track record of securing favorable settlements in complex and contentious negotiations, and he is well-known for his innovative approach to preparing for and presenting his clients’ cases at trial. Mr. Bell teaches his techniques to other lawyers nationwide, and other lawyers frequently engage Mr. Bell to assist with taking their clients’ cases to court.

Meet James Bell

Our Nationwide Network of Personal Injury Lawyers, Investigators, and Subject Matter Experts

In order to efficiently represent victims and families across the country, we have established a nationwide network of personal injury lawyers, investigators, accident reconstructionists, engineers, doctors, and other experts who are available to work on our clients’ cases on an as-needed basis. All of these lawyers and experts are at the top of their respective fields, and they are all highly regarded within their local professional communities. Maintaining this network – as opposed to hiring a large staff of junior attorneys – allows us to serve clients regardless of where they are located, and it allows us to charge contingency fees that are lower than those charged by other personal injury and wrongful death law firms.

What Do You Need to Know about Oberheiden Law?

If you are looking for a mesothelioma law firm to handle your personal injury or wrongful death case, Oberheiden Law is your choice in all 50 states. Here are five reasons why clients nationwide trust our lawyers to help them recover just compensation:

1. We Have Recovered More than $6 Billion for Our Clients

Our clients have received more than $6 billion in financial compensation for their losses. This includes compensation for losses resulting from auto accidents, falls, medical mistakes, product defects, and numerous other causes. Dr. Nick Oberheiden and James Bell are both highly-experienced and widely-respected advocates, and they are both well-known for securing favorable results through settlement negotiations and at trial.

2. We Represent Accident Victims and Families Nationwide

Dr. Oberheiden and Mr. Bell are licensed to practice in state and federal jurisdictions around the country, and our network of affiliated personal injury lawyers allows us to effectively and efficiently represent clients nationwide. If you need a personal injury or wrongful death lawyer, you are no longer limited to choosing a law firm that is based in your town or city. Choose Oberheiden Law and put Dr. Oberheiden’s and Mr. Bell’s experience and results on your side.

3. A Highly-Experienced Lawyer Will Handle All Aspects of Your Case

When you choose Oberheiden Law, one of our highly-experienced lawyers will handle all aspects of your case. Unlike other personal injury law firms, we do not hire paralegals and junior attorneys to handle the bulk of the workload. Our senior attorneys work with our clients one-on-one, and we give each and every client’s case the time, focus, and commitment it deserves.

4. You Will Never Be Asked to Pay Anything Out of Pocket

Under no circumstances will we ever ask you to pay anything out of pocket. As a client of Oberheiden Law, we will advance all of the costs involved in pursuing your case, and we will not require you to pay a retainer or any monthly legal bills. We take cases we believe we can win, and we take on the financial risk of pursuing our clients’ cases so ease the burden for our clients. This also lets you know that we are 100% committed to winning your case and not simply running up expensive legal bills.

5. We Charge Less than Other Personal Injury and Wrongful Death Law Firms

Most personal injury and wrongful death law firms charge 33% of your financial recovery if they are successful. At Oberheiden Law, our contingency fee is just 25%. This is a substantial difference, and if your losses are $100,000 or greater, this means that you will receive thousands of dollars in additional compensation by choosing Oberheiden Law.

Q&A with Senior Attorneys Dr. Nick Oberheiden and James Bell

Q: Why does Oberheiden Law charge less than other law firms?

While there are several reasons why we have chosen to charge a reduced contingency fee of 25% at Oberheiden Law, there are two primary reasons that are most important to our clients. The first is our nationwide network of affiliated local counsel. By affiliating with local mesothelioma law firms and lawyers instead of hiring a team of in-house attorneys and legal professionals, we are able to reduce our costs significantly—and we pass this savings on to our clients.

The second is that we put our clients first. You are the one who has been injured or lost a loved one, and you are the one who is in need of financial compensation. While we need to charge a reasonable fee for our services, we want to make sure that our clients receive as much money as possible.

Q: What can I expect when I choose Oberheiden Law?

When you choose Oberheiden Law, you can expect several things from our attorneys. First and foremost, you can expect to be treated with compassion, dignity, and respect at all times. We are experienced professionals who are passionate about what we do, and our clients are our top priority.

Second, you can expect to receive clear and accurate information about your case, and you can expect to receive regular updates as your case progresses. We work closely with our clients, and we make sure our clients are able to make confident and informed decisions every step of the way.

Third, you can expect our attorneys to fight for maximum compensation. Unlike many other personal injury law firms, we do not focus solely on settlement. While we will settle your case for just compensation if possible, we will not hesitate to take your case to trial. Our attorneys are experienced litigators who thrive on fighting to win the full financial compensation our clients deserve.

Q: What do I need to do to get started?

If you would like to speak with one of our personal injury lawyers, all you need to do is to get in touch. You can reach us 24/7, and one of our lawyers will be happy to speak with you right away. If you are facing an emergency, we can walk you through what you need to do step-by-step. If you are at home or in the hospital recovering, we can begin working immediately to collect evidence, calculate your losses, and fight to win just compensation on your behalf.

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To speak with an attorney at Oberheiden Law about your legal rights, call us at 866-811-7738 or contact us online. Your initial consultation is free, and you pay nothing at all unless we win. Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, we represent individuals and families in personal injury and wrongful death cases nationwide.

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To speak with a mesothelioma lawyer at Oberheiden Law, please call 866-811-7738 or request an appointment online. Our attorneys are available 24/7, and our lawyers can take action immediately if necessary to protect you.

Contact Us 24/7 to Schedule Your Free Initial
Case Assessment

To speak with a mesothelioma lawyer at Oberheiden Law, please call 866-811-7738 or request an appointment online. Our attorneys are available 24/7, and our lawyers can take action immediately if necessary to protect you.

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