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We are passionate attorneys. We love to help our clients. We understand and respect that many clients contact us in a time of emergency, uncertainty, and anxiety. We are here to help, we are here to fix and assist. We want you to feel safe, confident, and respected. Our client philosophy is simple: our clients will always have access to the lawyer handling the case. We don’t have secretaries or paralegals walling you off. Our clients are always informed about what is happening in their case, and we make all decisions together. Everything we do is guided by one principle: What is in the best interest of our clients. The result of our client commitment? Lots of satisfied clients! See for yourself.

Anna P.
Nick is extremely professional and knows what he is doing. He is also very kind as a person (unless he is in court!) I would recommend him to just about anyone if they need an amazing lawyer that is top notch and would frankly be scary to face in the court room. He will always do a great job representing his clients. Thank you very much.
Jeff C.
Nick is the absolute top expert in any federal case
Whitney Bryant M.
Smart. Smarter. Nick.As a healthcare executive, I once ran into a litigation issue. I hired Nick and, literally, before I knew it the case was resolved in my favor. Nick has an incredible presence and every lawyer in the room knows that Nick will do exactly what he says. It was a mesmerizing experience to see Nick in action! Very calm and determined, Nick is the absolute top litigator.
Scarlett L.
When I was faced with one of the most terrifying and unexpected situations in my life, I called Dr. Oberheiden. I had vetted other attorneys and came right back to him. His knowledge, expertise, and reassuring presence made the decision easy. Throughout my case, his level of communication was what I needed and expected. He constantly updated me on the status and progress of my case and was able to “talk me off the ledge” when the stress of it all would set in. He is simply the best of the best...there’s not a question about it.
Jacqueline S.
Nick is a superb lawyer with exceptional skills and a formidable personality. Nick works harder, he thinks smarter, and he delivers faster than any lawyer you will ever find. Good, better, Nick!
Michael P
Nick Oberheiden is a spectacular lawyer, a true life saver. Nick is simply the very best!

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